Pumpkin Doodle

Pumpkin Doodle!

There are some really fun and pretty pumpkin decor ideas around in the UK at the moment and yet they have been many years in the making in the USA.  East Coast USA is a stunning place to be at this time of year and I have seen first hand the lengths gone to in the US to decorate homes, porches, front gardens, streets and beyond.  In the UK we are still trying to get to grips with pumpkin carving using pre-made stencils to show off our creative skills, and the rest of our decor seems to consist of bright orange plastic Halloween tat with flashing lights.  In the US, they use everything associated with autumn from bold and homely colours ranging from brown through to burnt oranges, reds, and bright golden yellows, along with natural produce like pine cones, corn husks, dried or fading leaves, a full range of 'squashes' and other plants like ivy, berries etc.  It really is a spectacularly wholesome time of year.  

Driving from NYC to Pennsylvania one October back in the '90's , I spent the entire journey with my jaw dropped!  I had never seen explosions of colour like THAT!  And the panoramic views were breath-taking.  If this is the theme during autumn for most of the east-coast USA and parts of the west too then it's no wonder the citizens of America go big with the Halloween decor.  There is so much to take inspiration from.

Back here in Blighty, we haven't quite turned into one giant car-park, not yet!  We still have some stunning scenery left.  Anyone lucky enough to have visited one of our 15 national parks will know that there is still beauty to behold in this green and pleasant land.  The problem is, getting to them means navigating our full to bursting road network, then trying to find somewhere to park prior to joining the back of queues of people trying to reach a summit, or take in a view.  I'm not selling this very well am I?  So yes, we have a slight problem with overcrowding in the UK, which means getting out and about to see our country at this stunning time of year is not easy.  But do you know what -you're a long time dead, you are part of this universe, so take a day off work and go and see some of it. 

My recommendations for autumn forest bathing (yes, its' a thing) in the UK are:

Westonbirt, The National Arboretum

Bodenham Arboretum

Knightwood Oak Trail

Grizedale Forest, Cumbria

So how can we fully immerse ourselves in this season of hugs, warm drinks and even warmer smiles?  Well, the answer is in the question (clearly..... or not).  This season should all be about warmth, warmth for one another, for ourselves, for our homes and our lives.  As autumn sweeps in like a comfy quilt, with it's fragrance of homeliness, we should look forward to cozy evenings with warm soups or diving into a coffee bar for a Pumpkin Spiced Latte. 

So, back to pumpkins! 

Samantha Hunter at Martha Stewart Living has a beautiful visual guide on all type of pumpkins (Cucurbita) available. Proof that this time year doesn't have to be all about ORANGE!  

And for all you doodlers out there, you can forget about carving with the latest pumpkin master stencil, this year is all about the Sharpie!  You just need a plain painted background to your pumpkin and off you go, get doodling!  Hobbycraft have some plain mache pumpkins to paint if you didn't want to waste a real one.  Take a look at some of the following creations.


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